Industrial Use Products

Salt Products in Honolulu 

Sea salt has a variety of uses. We have a range of different types of sea salts that can be used to meet your individual needs. Whatever use you have for your salt, we can help!

Range of Uses

Salt Products for Water Softening, Swimming & Garden Pools, Spas or Home Bath Use, Brining, Fishing Boats, Finishing Concrete, and Weed Control.

Quality Sea Salts

Medium to Extra Coarse to 3x & 5x Coarse & Pellets
Hawaiian Paakai Inc
Hawaiian Paakai Inc

Buying Options

All Bags pictured (either 40 or 50 lb bags)
$21/bag + applicable tax and shipping

Call or email for exact quote.
Give us a call today at (808) 841-3511!
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